About J&A

Jackson & Associates was founded in 1963 with the principle that our client's needs will always be our priority. Our focus will always be on how we can consistently show you that we have your interests at heart.

We believe that a properly designed insurance and risk management package can have many positive effects. This can include but is not limited to:

  • Increasing Revenue
  • Positive Public Image
  • Long-term Strategic Planning
  • Business continuity

We also understand that you will have different needs over time. These needs will always be addressed by using the following standards:

  • Knowledge & Professionalism
  • Advice & Attention
  • Claims & Policy Service Availability
  • Great Coverage

Our Agency believes that VALUE should not be defined by us, but rather built around a mutual goal of providing a plan that gives you the piece of mind that your insurance and risk management program is one that provides a Return on Investment.